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54                                 LIFE OF
gnise the coast but "by the occasional lights in the
fishing huts.
Hurnboldt with his companion anchored iu tho
harbour of New Barcelona,, at the month of tho cro-
codile-filled river, Rio Reveri, and lio measured, tho
altitude of the sea from a hill, in order to doeido tho
geographical longitude of tho plaeo. Tho next day
he set sail again, although his follow travelings hnd
determined to wend their way to Caracas over land,
through a wild, marshy region, from foar of tho un-
steadiness of their little vessel on a Htonny Noa. .Bon-
pland also went this way, to mako a collection of now
plants. Humboldt, however, with a pilot, boldly pro-
secuted the sea journey to Guayra, whono harbour m
filled with sharks, and whose appearance in jnoro tit?it
of a desert rocky island than of a continent, JMhnn-
boldt only tarried here a few hours, especially aH tho
yellow fever was raging, and reached Oaracan on tho
evening of the 21st November, while tho laud i.ra*
vellers only arrived four days later, after 'having
suffered much inconvenience and many hardnhi^s.